Is Clubmix Cocktails a cocktail mixer?

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Yes. Clubmix Cocktails is a non-alcoholic cocktail mixer but like none other. It is crafted with our in-house proprietary molecular mixology technique to give you a superior cocktail experience.

Molecular Mixology- what's that and how does it matter to me?

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Technically, molecular mixology is the practice of mixing drinks using science to manipulate ingredients at the molecular level. Molecular mixology helps you create cocktails with balanced flavors, improved mouthfeels, superior textures, and appealing visuals.
To put it simply, you will have a better cocktail, and that does matter to you, right?

Do Clubmix Cocktails have artificial/synthetic flavors & colors?

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Not at all! We use natural flavors extracted from fruits using an advanced formulation technique that helps our cocktail mixers retain the original taste of each ingredient while adding rich complexity in both appearances and aroma. Further, Clubmix Cocktails is the only product in the category to use 100% natural colors.

So worry not! No synthetic flavors and colors in any of your Clubmix Cocktails. Also, no added preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Why do you insist on shaking? Can't I stir it?

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Yes, we firmly insist on making your Clubmix Cocktails by shaking. And there is more than one reason for it. The molecular mixology we use in preparing our mixers shows its magic only when shaken.

Also, shaking helps to:

create a beautiful blend of flavors

- aerates the cocktail to improve its texture

- reduces alcohol burn

- quickly makes your cocktail ice-cold

Remember, we are "Shaken, not Stirred"!

How much sugar & calories per serving would I be consuming?

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Clubmix Cocktails have only 4 g of sugar and 20 calories per serving, making them the lightest cocktail mixer on the market.

How many cocktails does one packet of Clubmix Cocktails make?

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One packet of Clubmix Cocktails makes 2 cocktails

How many cocktails does one box of Clubmix Cocktails make?

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One box of Clubmix Cocktails contains 10 packets. With each packet making 2 cocktails, one box will make 20 servings for you.

What is a "Cocktail Playbook"?

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The right panel of each box of Clubmix Cocktails features a "Cocktail Playbook," which has suggested recipes for making different cocktails with the same mixer. For example, Clubmix Cosmopolitan primarily makes the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail. However, by referring to the "Cocktail Playbook," you can make different cocktails with whiskey, sparkling wine, and beer using the same mixer.

Can it be used for making mocktails?

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Yes! You can make mocktails using Clubmix Cocktail mixers. Just replace the liquor with an appropriate quantity of soda or tonic water.

What is the shelf life of the Clubmix Cocktails?

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When properly stored, the product's shelf life is 1 year from the date of packaging.

How much is the delivery time?

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We have next-day dispatch for all orders received by 5.00 (Mon to Fri). Once dispatched, we will also share a tracking link with you. Most orders are delivered within 7 working days with an average delivery time of 3-4 working days. 

What if my order is not delivered within promised delivery time?

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That mostly won't happen! If it occurs in some rare cases, drop us a mail at cheers@clubmix cocktails.com with your Order ID in the subject line. Our team will identify and resolve the issue so that your order reaches you quickly.

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